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NMOGA Membership Information

Our member companies range in size from some of the largest in the industry to some of the smallest, each with its own specific needs and interests, and unique contributions to the Association. Our categories of membership are tailored to suit these variations.


Oil or gas producers, refiners and processors, pipeline transporters, and on-site field services. Minimum annual dues begin at $600

Affiliate Members

Attorneys, accountants, banks, consultants, oil and gas marketers or brokers. Annual dues for this category are $1,200.

Benefits of Membership

Legislative and Regulatory Information
This is perhaps the single most important tool for doing business today. Those in the oil and gas industry are particularly reliant on information on a variety of topics in order to stay profitable and focused. Your goals are our goals. We promote them by providing members with pertinent legislation, regulatory summaries, timely alerts, and the means with which to work with government regulatory entities.

Technology Exchange
Through NMOGA’s Internet connection, members can access (among many other resources), the Petroleum Recovery Research Center at New Mexico Tech. The staff of the Center is actively engaged in developing and sharing technology vital to the industry, and to the State of New Mexico.

Members get to know each other, and have the opportunity to work together toward common goals. In addition, several hundred members each year join the NMOGA staff for the annual meeting, held in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Attendees are treated to interesting and informative presentations by nationally-known speakers from both government and industry, and may also participate in workshops and seminars on specific topics and issues. Call Marie Gutierrez at 505-982-2568 for additional information or download a membership application now.

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