Good Neighbor Program

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About the Good Neighbor Program

The Good Neighbor Program represents the collective effort of New Mexico’s oil and gas industry to promote responsible practices in developing our state’s vast oil and natural gas resources. Simply put, it is our industry-wide pledge to be good citizens of our local producing communities and our state as a whole, both on and off the job.

At the heart of our program is our strong belief that oil and gas production and environmental protection go hand-in-hand. In order to achieve this objective, we must work together-industry workers, government officials and neighbors alike.

Each and every day we strive to take these good neighbor values from principle to practice; whether we’re participating in community programs, helping to educate the public about our operations, or training our industry employees and vendors about specific industry practices that ensure the well-being of our environment.

To us being a good neighbor means listening to what people around us have to say, leaving a smaller footprint on the land, helping our kids succeed, and giving back to the communities we call home, ensuring safe operating practices, protecting our environment for generations to come.

On the job, at home, in the community – we are proud to be your neighbors.

We are New Mexico’s oil and gas industry.

Program Details

Companies will listen to the landowner, lessee permittee, and/or resident concerns and respond appropriately. Personnel (company employees and contractors) must:

  • Respect rights of way;

  • Protect livestock/wildlife;

  • Drive safely;

  • Report damages to public/private property to the appropriate parties;

  • Ensure that personnel know and understand the rules and regulations applicable to our operations.

1. Companies will strive to increase communication with the landowner, lessee, permittee and/or residents by:

  • Informing the landowner, lessee, permittee and/or resident of industry property use rights (including mineral rights) and surface use rights through NMOGA seminars or publications of other industry groups’seminars/communications;
  • Designating a company contact person who is responsible for responding to community questions;
  • Seeking to identify and understand the concerns of the landowner, lessee, permittee and/or resident affected by our operations;
  • Attempting to notify and reasonably accommodate the nearby landowner lessee, permittee and/or resident when commencing significant activity that will impact land or the immediate area. Areas of importance should include equipment and pit set up and placement.

2. Companies and company contractors will respect the property and the rights of others by:

  • Minimizing surface disturbances;
  • Complying with remediation and restoration requirements of government authorities having jurisdiction;
  • Protecting livestock with appropriate measures;
  • Practicing good housekeeping;
  • Driving responsibly on public and private roads.

3. Companies will promote public safety by:

  • Conducting emergency planning;
  • Proper signage and warnings required by government authorities having jurisdiction.

4. Companies will promote the responsible maintenance and use of roads. Company personnel will:

  • Stay on rights-of-way;
  • Adhere to state and local road maintenance policies;
  • Obey established public speed limits;
  • Drive at appropriate speed for conditions;
  • Report and repair damage beyond the established rights-of-way caused exclusively by our activities;
  • Repair road damage in a timely manner if such damage is caused exclusively by our activities.

5. Companies will protect the environment. Companies and their personnel will:

  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations;
  • Maintain equipment property and utilize good work practices
  • Seek to understand the landowner, lessee, permittee and/or resident concerns and possible questions regarding:
    • Groundwater aquifers, Surface water, Air quality
    • Wildlife/livestock protection, Housekeeping, Noise
    • Surface Disturbance, Noxious weeds and brush.
  • Ensure that pits are properly managed after completion in accordance with regulatory requirements.

6. Companies will emphasize education by:

  • Educating our personnel about being a good neighbor;
  • Educating the public about oil and gas operations including access, safety and environmental issues and the importance and positive impact of energy development at the state and federal levels.

7. Companies will communicate with appropriate government officials, including city and county officials.
The oil and gas industry will be proactive in building relationships with city, county, state and federal officials. We will provide information to help officials understand that we are committed to:

  • Full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of government authorities having jurisdiction;
  • Protection of the public and the environment by cooperating and working with governmental inspection and enforcement personnel;
  • An ongoing process of education for personnel and for the public;
  • Good housekeeping at our operations;
  • The provision of adequate security at our locations;
  • Applicable regulatory setback distances from our facilities and where no regulations exist, we are committed to the application of responsible engineering standards;
  • Application of responsible engineering standards;
  • The safe management of our operations;
  • The posting of adequate safety signage at our locations.

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We gratefully acknowledge the hard work and research completed for this web page by the Petroleum Recovery Research Center at New Mexico Tech in Socorro, New Mexico.