Regulations could hurt industry, NM

Regulations gauge measuring the amount of regulatory activity inSigned By Bloomfied Mayor Scott Eckstein, Farmington Mayor Tommy Roberts, Kirtland Mayor Mark Duncan, Aztec Mayor Sally Burbridge and San Juan County Commission Chair Keith Johns
Albuquerque Journal, Sunday, November 1, 2015

A wave of new Bureau of Land Management regulations is coming that will likely reduce New Mexico’s oil and natural gas production and lead to a loss of billions of dollars to the state and federal government over the next two decades.

As the mayors of Farmington, Bloomfield, Kirtland and Aztec and the chair of the San Juan County Commission we are also extremely concerned about a loss of jobs and tax revenue at a time when we struggle to create jobs and expand our economies.

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ENM030 Is There Really a Methane “Hot Spot” over the San Juan Basin?


CH4 Methane Molecule
CH4 Methane Molecule

Energy New Mexico visits with Tom Mullins about the reported methane “hot spot”, the ongoing research on the subject, and how the oil and natural gas industry has already taken steps to dramatically reduce the venting and flaring of natural gas. Also be sure to check out the AQUA satellite video below that shows the dynamic nature of methane levels.  Tom discusses this video in the podcast.