Oil and gas industry of paramount importance to education in New Mexico



As industry professionals, all of us are well aware of the big-picture benefits of producing oil and gas here at home: a strengthened economy, a lessened dependence on foreign governments.

But there’s more. And it doesn’t just affect us in the here and now– it affects our futures and our children’s futures.

More than a third of New Mexico’s budget is paid for by the oil and gas industry – that’s $2.1 billion in fiscal year 2014. That money goes directly into state coffers and pays for the educations K-12 and college student in the Land of Enchantment.

$2.1 billion. Think about that number for a minute. It’s a big number. And what the oil and gas industry is doing for our state is a big deal.

People in our field are doing a lot of great things for the economy through direct, indirect and induced job creation. But it goes further than that. Through funding education, we are investing in the future not just of New Mexico, but of America.

To see how oil and gas benefits the schools in your area visit www.nmoilandgas.com and click on the county where you live.

Federal judge denies injunction in New Mexico drilling case

A federal judge has rejected an effort by environmental groups to stall oil and gas development in northwestern New Mexico while they fight the approval of dozens of drilling permits issued over the past two years by a federal agency.

U.S. District Judge James Browning issued his ruling late Friday. An environmental group said Monday it plans to appeal.

The judge said the groups put forth enough evidence to cast doubt on the thoroughness of permit decisions made by the Bureau of Land Management but did not provide enough evidence to show the agency failed to take a hard look at the environmental effects of its actions.

The judge also said the preliminary injunction sought by the groups would not be in the public interest.

“The public would gain more from reaping the gains — an influx of jobs and capital and an increase in royalties paid to the state and federal governments — from opening up the Mancos Shale formation to economically viable drilling now, rather than waiting until the resolution of this case,” Browning wrote.

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API encourages presidential candidates to discuss the future of energy


The election’s not until next year, but the American Petroleum Institute is already eager to see what presidential hopefuls on both sides of the aisle have to say about the future of oil and gas in the U.S.

With the first debate happening this week, Fox News announced a roster of 10 Republican candidates who will be talking about the issues most important to both themselves and the country- energy among them.

API is interested in what candidates on both sides of the aisle have to say.

Our next president will have many energy-related issues to oversee, API CEO Jack Gerald said, including energy exports and the management of the White House’s emissions-reduction scheme. It’s a big moment for American energy, and API is calling on all candidates to share their ideas and visions on how best to harness the opportunities that have become available.

When a Senate energy committee passed the measure ending the crude-oil domestic export ban last week, it signaled the beginning of a new era for the industry.

Opinions are heated, of course, but those in the energy sector are in agreement that the U.S. economy will be strengthened by the removal of the ban, and that our national security interests overseas will be advanced, too.

Gerald stressed the importance of our next president going into office with his or her eyes wide open to the opportunities ahead instead of stuck in the “stale mindset of ‘70s era scarcity.”

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ENM026 John Chavez of the New Mexico Angels talks technology


newmexicoangelsThe New Mexico Angels are a New Mexico based group of individual accredited angel investors focused on investing in early-stage companies across the country. New Mexico Angels members have invested over $10 million invested since 1999.  The groups mission is to provide opportunities where our members can obtain outstanding financial returns while accelerate companies to market leadership.  Energy New Mexico visits with New Mexico Angels president, John Chavez about the technology start-up landscape including energy and water.