5 Health Care Products Powered By Oil And Natural Gas

Jan 17, 2022

Not only does New Mexico’s oil and natural gas industry provide funding towards health care, but many products that are used by doctors and nurses are powered by the oil and natural gas industry!

1. Artificial Heart Valves

Approximately 265,000 heart valves are placed each year. Artificial heart valves can be made using oil and natural gas!


2. Latex Gloves

Some latex gloves are synthetic and composed of petroleum-based chemicals.


3. Doctor & Nurse Scrubs

Petrochemicals make up scrubs that both nurses and surgeons wear daily!


4. Plastic Medical Syringe

The next time you see a syringe in your doctor’s office, remember that the oil and natural gas industry played a role in creating it!


5. IV Bags

IV bags are created using polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a product of petroleum.


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