5 Spring Products Powered by Oil and Natural Gas

Mar 20, 2022

Spring is in the New Mexico air! It is officially spring and there are many products that are powered by oil and natural gas. 


1. Plastic Watering Spout 

While watering your plants don’t forget that plastic watering spouts are made from oil and natural gas! 🍅


2. Water Hose

Many water hoses are made using vinyl, which is a byproduct of oil and natural gas. 🍋


3. Fertilizer

Did you know that fertilizer is created using oil and natural gas? 🥬


4. Garden Gloves

Most garden gloves are created using petroleum byproducts, such as polyester! 🍅


5. Gardening Tools

Some gardening tools are made using plastic handles, a petroleum byproduct! 🥕