5 summer products made from oil and natural gas

Jun 21, 2021

Now that summer is here, you can get out all of that summer gear for pool days. There are many products that are made from oil and natural gas. Here are some examples:

1. Sunglasses 

From the lenses to the frame, did you know that your favorite pair of sunglasses are made from oil and natural gas? Sunglasses are made from petroleum-based materials.


2. Flip Flops

Summertime means flip flops! Flip flops are often composed of oil and natural gas byproducts. 


3. Pool Floats

Did you know that when you make a splash using a pool float, you are using a product made from oil and natural gas? 


4. Coolers

Your summertime treats are held in a cooler made from crude oil! One more example of your summertime fun powered by oil and natural gas.


5. Swimsuits

Life is better in a swimsuit! Your typical swimsuit is made of nylon, a material that comes from oil and natural gas.

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