7 Reasons to be Thankful for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry on Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2021

There are countless reasons to be thankful for New Mexico’s oil and natural gas industry on Thanksgiving. Here are seven that we think are especially important:

1. Cooking your food

Meal prep on Thanksgiving takes a lot of work, but thanks to the oil and natural gas industry, with the turn of a dial or the push of a button, you’re well on your way to a tasty feast.

2. Festive Utensils and Plates

If you use plastic utensils and plates on Thanksgiving, thank an oil and natural gas worker.

3. Football

America’s favorite Thanksgiving sport, football, would not be possible with the oil and natural gas industry. Did you know that not only is the football made from oil and gas, but the players’ cleats are, as well?

4. Parades

Whether you’re watching your favorite Thanksgiving parade, in person or virtually, remember that oil and natural gas played a big part in that event. The vehicles pulling those floats likely run on gasoline.

5. Decorations

A lot of Thanksgiving décor is created using plastic, which is made from from oil and natural gas.

6. Traveling

Whether you’re driving across town or flying across the country, bringing families together on Thanksgiving is all thanks to the oil and natural gas industry.

7. Capturing Memories

While celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family, make sure to take lots of pictures on your phone and camera. These items are both made using products from oil and natural gas.