7 Ways Oil & Gas Power Your Christmas

Dec 19, 2018

NMOGA | December 11, 2018

Oil and gas is a driving force behind New Mexico's economy, provides vital funds for education and is making strides in helping to preserve the environment. Oil and gas also have a hand in making holidays like Thanksgiving and Independence Day special and, of course, Christmas! Here's how oil and gas helps power the most wonderful time of the year, it continues to do so.

1. Christmas Lights

What's a Christmas tree without Christmas lights? The plastic encasing the lights is a product of petroleum and the electricity used to let them up is powered by oil and gas.


2. Luminarias

Speaking of lights, you might be surprised to know that the candles that light up our luminarias are products of oil and gas!


3. Fuel

Christmas is one of the most traveled holidays in the world. It'd be impossible to get to your loved ones by car or plane without oil and gas.


4. Stoves & Ovens

Whether it's ham, turkey or gingerbread cookies, gas-powered stoves and ovens make sure that you're Christmas has all the food necessary for you and loved ones.


5. Heat

The Christmas Spirit wouldn't be quite as jolly inside of a cold house. But thanks to natural gas, thousands of homes are kept warm and cozy during the holiday season.


6. Football

Everyone loves some good old-fashioned Christmas Day football. Much of the equipment, pads and even the footballs are products of oil and gas.


7. TV

TV's are also a product of oil and gas. It'd be much harder to watch all of your favorite Christmas movies without it!