6 Things Oil and Gas Did in 2018

Dec 31, 2018

NMOGA | December 31, 2018


#1. 2018 World Cup

Remember watching the World Cup last June? From the television, all the way to the stadium, oil and natural gas powered it all!



#2. 2018 Winter Olympics

We all watched the Winter Olympics last February. Without oil and natural gas, we would not have had the pleasure of watching the athletes ski, bobsled, skate, and all of the other fantastic sports!



#3. Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster reached the farthest point from the sun

Have you heard about the Tesla Roadster in space? None of that would have been possible without oil and natural gas!



#4. The Opportunity Rover on Mars survived a massive dust storm

And we got to watch! The rover is able to communicate with NASA, with the help of technology created by….you guessed it! oil and natural gas!



#5. The Royal Wedding aired live

If you’re a true fan of the royal family you watched the Royal Wedding live on your television last May. Don’t forget oil and natural gas allowed you to turn on your TV!



#6. Fortnite took over video games

Have you been sucked into the Fortnite craze? You couldn’t play Fortnite (or any video games) without the help of oil and natural gas!