Don't write off the oil and gas industry just yet

Mar 31, 2022

Veronica Vasquez, Taos News | March 31st, 2022For those that call New Mexico home, we are no stranger to what the importance of a responsible and prosperous oil and gas industry means for our state. While some are pushing for a future without these energy sources, especially in light of the recent rise in gas prices, we need to do our part to educate those on how this industry makes everyday life possible.

As someone in the construction industry, natural resources like oil and gas play an important role in helping our industry move. From refined fuels used to power our vehicles and equipment to the everyday construction necessities like rubber cement, asphalt and roofing material, oil and gas is there every step of the way.

Not only does oil and natural gas help fuel the construction industry, but also our state’s economy. In 2021, the industry contributed approximately $2.96 billion toward our state’s budget. That revenue means we are able to provide children throughout all corners of New Mexico with the best educational resources to support their journey through school while also funding public safety and healthcare.

I encourage my fellow New Mexicans to not be so quick to write off the oil and gas industry, especially considering the tremendous increase in gas prices lately. This is an industry that employs our friends and family, heats our homes and provides the valuable economic resources to make our state flourish.