5 Ways Oil and Gas Lifts Hot Air Balloons and New Mexico

Oct 08, 2022

Find out all the ways oil and natural gas make the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta possible.

1. From top to bottom, hot air balloons depend on petroleum and natural gas to lift off.

Nylon and Polyester are woven together to create the fabric of the hot air balloon. These are both products of oil and natural gas. But, oil and gas byproducts aren't just used to make the balloon; they are also used to power them!

2. Propane fuels hot air balloons!

Each ride in a hot air balloon lasts 1-2 hours. That ride will require between 20-45 gallons of propane, a byproduct of oil and natural gas. 

3. The balloon is even held together by oil and natural gas...

Straps extend from the base of the balloon that holds the fabric together. These straps are also made from nylon, an oil and gas byproduct.

4. The skirt of the balloon is made of nomex. 

The flame-resistant nomex is also a byproduct of oil and gas and helps to keep the rest of the balloon safe. 

5. The Albuquerque International Balloon Festival generates an enormous impact.

The AIBF has generated $173 million in ANNUAL economic impact according to a 2018 study. This is all possible because of the production of oil and natural gas in New Mexico.