U.S. to become global powerhouse

Christoper E. Smith | Oil and Gas Journal | September 20, 2019

In the last 12 months, a record volume of LNG projects reached final investment decision. These totaled more than 80 million tonnes/year of new production, or 25% of the current market, according to an outlook by McKinsey & Co.

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Why New Mexico's Governor Is Making The Case For Free Tuition

NPR | September 21, 2019

Michel Martin speaks with Michelle Luján Grisham about her proposal to make tuition at state institutions free for state residents.

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Oil Industry Group Starts $1M Fund for Community Projects

U.S. News | September 25, 2019

An oil industry group has established a fund to boost economic opportunities, address child hunger and support science education.


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NM Oil and Gas Association launches $1M Brighter Future Fund

Theresa Davis | Albuquerque Journal | September 24, 2019

Business is booming in the Permian Basin, and the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association has created a way to share some of that success with communities outside the southeastern corner of the state.

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Permian oil and gas producers look to the future of oil and gas at Carlsbad summit

Adrian Hedden | Carlsbad Current Argus | September 12, 2019

Major oil and gas companies in the Permian Basin signaled their intent to stay in the region for decades, as production booms in southeast New Mexico and West Texas, and enact environmental policies to sustain the industry's growth. 

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Devon Energy works to recycle fracking waste water in the Permian Basin

Adrian Hedden | Carlsbad Current Argus | September 13, 2019

As oil and gas boomed in the Permian Basin, a dilemma around the millions of gallons of water needed every day for hydraulic fracturing — or fracking — emerged alongside what many called unprecedented economic growth. 

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