The New Mexican: Here They Go Again

Nov 10, 2017

In a presidential debate in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan famously responded to Jimmy Carter with the phrase “There you go again.”

Today, in reference to the recent attacks on New Mexico’s oil and gas jobs, we can echo that sentiment. Folks, here they go again.

The New Mexican recently published a story accusing energy companies of “cheating” the state. The New Mexican has a long history of being anti-oil and natural gas. So while we appreciate their “thorough” reporting and decision to base their article off of the testimony of a man who lives in Arkansas, we’d like to set the record straight.


Far from “cheating” the state or local governments, New Mexico’s oil and natural gas industry:

  • contributes more than $11.3 BILLION to New Mexico's economy

  • contributes more than $1.6 BILLION to New Mexico’s public school system

  • provides nearly one-third of the revenue for New Mexico's General Fund

  • is responsible for more than 105,000 jobs in New Mexico

New Mexico’s oil and natural gas industry is the main economic driver of our great state. The energy companies who operate here are made up of lifelong New Mexicans - people who love this state and strive on a daily basis to make it better.

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