Travel Essentials Powered By Oil And Natural Gas

Oct 20, 2022

Are you planning a trip anytime soon? Don’t forget to pack these essentials that are powered by oil and natural gas!

1. Suitcase 🧳

The most important essential when traveling is a sturdy suitcase! Most luggage is made using oil and natural gas.

2. Clothing & Shoes 👗👟

Did you know that most of your clothing and shoes are made using petroleum byproducts?

3. Sunglasses 🕶

From the lenses to the frame, did you know that your favorite pair of sunglasses are made from oil and natural gas? Sunglasses are made from petroleum-based materials.

4. Technology 💻📱📸

From your phone to your laptop to your camera, oil and natural gas plays a BIG role in the technology you use on a daily basis!

5. Hair Accessories 🎀

Don’t forget to pack your hair brush and accessories! Many of your hair accessories are made with oil and gas byproducts.

6. Toothbrush 🪥

Your plastic toothbrush and bristles are made from petroleum products!