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ENM005 Dan Mayfield of Albuquerque Business First on Wind and Solar Projects in New Mexico

There is lots of activity in the areas of wind and solar electricity generation in New Mexico due to renewable fuels standards in New Mexico and in surrounding states.  Dan Mayfield of New Mexico Business First discusses renewables in New Mexico and some of the issues these sources of electricity generation face. Wally and Gerges also discuss pre and post drilling water testing and an upcoming … [Read More...]

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New Mexico Oil & Gas Association – Voluntary Baseline Sampling Guideline

It should be understood that with over a million fracture treatments performed by the oil and gas industry, there has never been a documented case of groundwater impacts from such operations. One also should understand that drinking water rights are not regularly conveyed in oil and gas leases and operators can only offer such sampling as authorized by the owner of such rights. Thus where … [Read More...]

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ENM003 Richard Anklam of the New Mexico Tax Research Institute

Richard Anklam of the New Mexico Tax Research Institute discusses the fiscal impact of oil and natural gas production in New Mexico. See Fiscal Impacts of Oil and Natural Gas Production in New Mexico or visit NewMexico31.com. … [Read More...]




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