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ENM008 Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation

Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation visits with Energy New Mexico about the state's economy including the role of energy and policies that would improve the business climate. … [Read More...]

Veteran Salutes

ENM007 Vets4Energy

Energy New Mexico visits with the New Mexico director of Vets4Energy. Vets4Energy is a group of volunteer veterans who continue to serve America as advocates for energy policies to sustain our national security. Representing all branches and ranks of the military, they partner with Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) across the country to … [Read More...]

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IPEC 2014 – Environmental Issues and Solutions in Exploration, Production, Refining & Distribution of Petroleum

Environmental Issues and Solutions in Exploration,Production, Refining & Distribution of Petroleum, October 14-16, 2014 • Houston, Texas, Marriott Westchase Hotel   HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: Produced Water Treatment & Management Strategies, Environmental Issues in US Shale Plays, Fracking & Environmental Issues, Horizontal Drilling & … [Read More...]

Water drop.

New Mexico Oil & Gas Association – Voluntary Baseline Sampling Guideline

It should be understood that with over a million fracture treatments performed by the oil and gas industry, there has never been a documented case of groundwater impacts from such operations. One also should understand that drinking water rights are not regularly conveyed in oil and gas leases and operators can only offer such sampling as … [Read More...]




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