7 Fall Products Powered By Oil And Natural Gas

Oct 01, 2021

There are plenty of activities and products that make fall so special! Many of these products are made from oil and natural gas. Here are some examples:

1. Sweaters 

Many sweaters are made with polyester, an oil and natural gas derivative. Next time you wear your favorite sweater apple picking, thank an oil and natural gas worker! 🍎


2. Electric Blankets

Your favorite fall time electric blanket is actually made from oil and natural gas! 🛌


3. Candles

When fall time hits, we love to break out our favorite scented candles, made from oil and natural gas. Most candles are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum derivative.🕯


4. Plastic Pumpkins

Now that the fall season has officially begun, Halloween is right around the corner, which means we will be seeing a lot of plastic pumpkins that are made from oil and natural gas! 🎃


5. Footballs

America’s favorite fall sport, football, is officially in season. Did you know that not only is the football made from oil and gas, but the players’ cleats are, as well! 🏈


6. Tractors

A favorite fall tradition, the corn maze, wouldn't be possible without the oil and natural gas industry powering tractors. 🌽🚜


7. Boots

Many shoes and boots are made with rubber, a petroleum product that is made from oil and natural gas. The rubber on the soles of the shoes or the entire boot is created so that you are ready for the fall weather! 🥾