Oil/Gas Association awards include Las Cruces nonprofit

Jul 16, 2020 10:02 AM

Brighter Future Funds Press Release, Las Cruces Bulletin | July 16, 2020

The New Mexico Oil and Gas Association’s (NMOGA) Brighter Future Fund awarded $50,000 to six New Mexico nonprofit organizations in support of efforts to increase economic opportunities and fight hunger, including Jardin de los Niños in Las Cruces, NMOGA announced in a news release.

Jardin, which provides education and childcare services to homeless and near-homeless children and families, and the other five nonprofits serve people in 10 counties across New Mexico.

“This funding will be utilized to support the families that we serve to meet their basic needs, and we are extremely grateful for it,” said Jardin Executive Director Michelle Adames, Ph.D. “The goal of this project is to make sure that children have food and nutritious meals over the weekends and holidays when the school is closed. The impact we’ve seen is that children are more alert, attendance rates increase and after children return from the weekends, we can quickly begin the learning process. Beyond that, decreasing food insecurity supports social-emotional learning and development.”

Jardin received $5,000 from NMOGA. The other nonprofits receiving funds were CLN Kids, $10,000 to support efforts to reduce hunger; Community Learning Network, $10,000 to increase economic opportunities; Desert Forge Foundation, $10,000 to increase economic opportunities; Flower Hill Institute, $5,000 to increase economic opportunities; and Gallup Main Street, $10,000 to increase economic opportunities.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to support these organizations in their efforts to strengthen New Mexico and create a brighter and better future for our children,” said NMOGA Executive Director Ryan Flynn. “These community-based initiatives are game-changers, and all New Mexicans should be proud of their work. The strength and resiliency of the oil and gas industry makes it possible for NMOGA to invest in these efforts across our state so that more New Mexicans have the opportunity to maximize their potential and achieve their dreams.”

Since December 2019, the Brighter Future Fund has awarded $155,000 to organizations in every corner of New Mexico. These awards are the third installment of a $200,000 commitment this year to invest in efforts to expand STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education, increase economic opportunity and reduce hunger in communities across New Mexico, the news release said.

The Brighter Future Fund is supported by NMOGA, the American Petroleum Institute, and their members. The Albuquerque Community Foundation administers the application and award processes and helps ensure funds are invested strategically in communities throughout New Mexico.

For more information about the awardees, guidelines, and application process, visit www.nmoga.org/brighterfuturefund. NMOGA is a statewide coalition of more than 1,000 oil and natural gas stakeholders, individuals and companies dedicated to promoting the safe and environmentally responsible development of New Mexico’s oil and natural gas resources. Visit www.nmoga.org.