NMOGA recognizes Cayden O’Dell, the first female mechanic in Flogistix company history.

Mar 15, 2023

Women who work in the Oil and Gas Industry

By Bernadette Granger, Flogistix Director of Community and Public Affairs

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Flogistix recognizes Cayden O’Dell as the first female mechanic in the history of the company.  

Cayden O’Dell joined the Flogistix team as a field mechanic in the Carlsbad field office in October 2022.  

Although this is her first “official” foray into the oil and gas industry as a mechanic, Cayden grew up accompanying her father, whom she calls a “walking encyclopedia,” on jobs in the oilfield. It’s there alongside her father that the real training as a mechanic began. On location, her dad taught her the inner workings of the equipment and eventually had her help him with preventative maintenance.  

In her current role, she enjoys taking things apart, figuring out how things work, and putting it back together. Cayden explained she “loves seeing the inside of equipment and knowing I can fix it.”  

The most challenging aspect of her job is her size. When asked how she overcomes this challenge, she jokes that she goes to the gym “to get more muscles.”    

Cayden’s knowledge, grit, and determination make her a valuable addition to the Flogistix family. Congratulations on your groundbreaking new role, Cayden!