Fed Reserve: Oil Poised for Rebound

Mella McEwen, Midland Reporter-Telegram | November 28, 2020

A recent conference on energy and the economy presented by the Federal Reserve banks of Dallas and Kansas City included an examination of the outlook for global oil and gas markets.

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Gene Green: Biden should consider benefits of fracking on federal lands

Gene Green, Guest Columnist, Waco Tribune-Herald | November 28, 2020

When it comes to energy and environmental policy Joe Biden vows to pivot from the deregulatory frenzy of the Trump administration but not abandon common sense. Biden has spent a public career finding balanced policy approaches. Unlike Trump, he actually appreciates the art of a deal.

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Seven reasons a world without fossil fuels is not practical

Yves Siegel, Washington Examiner | November 24, 2020

There has been a lot of talk about a "Green New Deal" that will rapidly phase out the use of all fossil fuels. As an investor who has long experience in the energy field, let me say that it is not practical for us to live in a world without fossil fuels for seven reasons.

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Unsung energy hero NM is worth protecting

Guy Caruso/Former Administrator, U.S. Energy Information Administration l November 23, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden and the transition team have unveiled their day one plan to ‘Build Back Better’ with a focus on climate change. But is it possible to do that, build back better, by hampering economic activity and our nation’s energy security? New Mexicans have more than enough reason to be skeptical.

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Shale revolution etches new map of energy powers

Mella McEwen, Midland Reporter-Telegram l November 21, 2020

A new energy map has been etched by the shale revolution, a map that reflects changes for the U.S., Russia, China and the Middle East.

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XTO Energy Contributes $50,000 to Conservation Student Program, Wild Friends

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