Daily on Energy: Oil and gas industry claims success on cutting methane emissions as EPA preps new regulations

Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner | September 9th, 2021INDUSTRY CLAIMS SUCCESS: The oil and gas industry is touting voluntary efforts of companies to cut emissions of methane and declaring progress on reducing flaring as the EPA gets set to issue new regulations for the potent greenhouse gas.

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Annual Environmental Partnership report shows industry progress in reducing flaring

Drilling Contractor | September 9th, 2021

The Environmental Partnership highlighted the industry’s progress in reducing flaring in its third annual report, released 9 September. Participants in the partnership’s new flare management program reported a 50% reduction in flare volumes from 2019 to 2020, even as oil and natural gas production remained consistent among participating companies.

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U.S. oil, gas partnership says members flared 50% less gas from wells in 2020

Bill Holland, S&P Global Market Intelligence | September 9th, 2021

Major U.S. oil and gas producers have cut the volume of natural gas flared from oil and gas wells by 50% in a year as measured by energy intensity, according to a partnership organized by the industry's largest trade group, the American Petroleum Institute.

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ExxonMobil to certify natural gas, help customers meet environmental goals

ExxonMobil | September 7th, 2021IRVING, Texas – ExxonMobil said today it has signed an agreement with an independent validator, non-profit MiQ, to begin the certification process for natural gas produced at its Permian Basin facilities at Poker Lake, New Mexico. Certified natural gas validates emissions reduction efforts and helps customers meet their emissions goals.  

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New Mexico Flush With Cash as Revenues Climb, Oil Recovers

Susan Montoya Bryan, U.S. News | August 27th, 2021NMOGA_permian_water_recycling.pngALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico is flush with cash due to a quick recovery of oil and gas markets and higher than expected gross receipts tax revenues as consumers spend federal stimulus checks and tap into other recovery aid, state finance officials and legislative analysts said.

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NM revenue levels projected to soar to all-time high

Dan Boyd, Albuquerque Journal | August 27th, 2021NMOGA_permian_water_recycling.pngTAOS SKI VALLEY — New Mexico has its share of problems, but a depleted state treasury isn’t one.

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