New Mexico’s oil and gas industry honored at awards

Stephen Hamway, Albuquerque Journal | December 16, 2019

For years, NAIOP’s Chuck Gara Community Leader Award, one of the highest honors at the commercial real estate group’s annual Awards of Excellence event, was given to an individual from New Mexico’s business community who exemplified the longtime real estate professional’s leadership and generosity.

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Confusing Steam for Methane and Other Things to Know About The New York Times Latest Emissions Story

Nicole Jacobs, Energy In Depth | December 13, 2019

The New York Times claims in its latest article on methane emissions in the Permian Basin to have found a smoking gun on leaks from oil and natural gas facilities.

In reality, it’s just a steaming exhaust vent.

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Study: The Economic Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing To New Mexico

Global Energy Institute | December 10, 2019

New Mexico is one of the great success stories of America’s energy revolution. A state hard hit by the Great Recession, historic levels of oil and natural gas production – made possible by advancements and improvements in hydraulic fracturing technology – have resulted in new job creation, economic growth, and increases in personal income that are leading the nation.

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The Energy 202: The U.S. just hit a major milestone as a petroleum exporter

Dino Grandoni, The Washington Post | December 3, 2019

After years of relying on other countries for petroleum, the United States just reached a new energy-producing milestone by notching its first month in at least 70 years exporting more crude oil and petroleum products than it imported per day.

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Study: New Mexico would lose billions if fracking banned, oil and gas leads economic growth

Adrian Hedden, Carlsbad Current-Argus | December 4, 2019

Multiple candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination proposed bans on hydraulic fracturing – a process used to extract fossil fuels from underground that was credited with the nation’s recent oil and gas boom – should they win the presidency.

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Report: New Mexico State Income Higher Than Forecasted

KRWG News and Partners | December 4th, 2019

State government income for New Mexico is exceeding expectations set out by agency economists.

A revenue tracking report from the Legislature on Tuesday showed state general fund income of $8 billion for the fiscal year that ended June 30. That is $85 million higher than a recent forecast from state economists.

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