An Extraordinary Partnership For Extraordinary Times

Permian Strategic Partnership | Carlsbad Current-Argus | November 18, 2018

As leaders of major energy companies operating in the Permian Basin, we often engage in spirited competition with each other for quality workers, leases and equipment, and to make our individual companies the best operators and service providers in the industry.

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Flynn: Why The Hysteria Over Hilcorp's Application?

Ryan Flynn | Farmington Daily Times | November 16, 2018

For months, a routine pool rule application has garnered an unusual amount of attention. 

Groups like the Sierra Club, San Juan Citizens Alliance, and other elected officials have weighed in to make false claim after false claim against one producer’s efforts to revitalize natural gas development in the San Juan Basin. 

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Report: Shale Saved New Mexicans More Than $3.4 Billion Over 10 Years

Lindsay Mackinson | Energy In Depth | November 7th, 2018 

The Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) released a new report last week detailing the incredible savings New Mexico consumers have enjoyed thanks to the shale revolution. The report shows that increased natural gas production, made possible by fracking, saved New Mexico families and businesses more than $3.4 billion between 2006 and 2016. According to the report, residential users saved nearly $1.6 billion while commercial and industrial users saved more than $1.86 billion.

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Carlsbad BLM office the busiest in the nation

Adrian C. Hedden | Carlsbad Current-Argus | October 24, 2018 

Small oil and gas operators are beginning to make their mark in southeast New Mexico, as applications to permit drilling at the Bureau of Land Management's Carlsbad Field Office saw a 10-year high in fiscal year 2018. 

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Empty shelves: Oil and gas boom challenges local Carlsbad businesses, housing market

Adrian C Hedden | Carlsbad Current-Argus | October 23rd, 2018

CARLSBAD —The oil boom in southeast New Mexico generated millions in surplus funds for the State of New Mexico.

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On the path to long-term economic prosperity

The New Mexico economy is on a roll. We have the top-performing economy in the country, and our unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in a decade. We’re also looking at the largest budget surplus in state history.

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