Why The Permian Basin May Become The World's Most Productive Oil Field

Forbes |  Robert Rapier | December 27, 2018

Many people will tell you that the production rate of Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar oil field, which has yielded 5 million barrels of petroleum per day for decades, will never be surpassed. In fact, no other oil field has ever come close to topping the production rate of Ghawar, and up until recently I would have agreed its production would never be topped.

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Lea No 3 oil producer in US

Hobbs News Sun eEdition | Curtis C. Wynne | January 3, 2019

 ‘Bragging rights is one thing and it’s always nice to have bragging rights, but what it means to the county is more revenue. The bottom line is it’s going to increase the revenue to the county and it’s going to increase the revenue to the state. It’s real simple.’ - Chip Low, Lea Finance Director

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Get ready for Michelle Lujan Grisham

Santa Fe New Mexican | Associated Press | December 29, 2018 

Starting Tuesday, Lujan Grisham will be in charge. May she take control with her can-do attitude, ability to work cooperatively with others and, most of all, with a sense of priorities that put big things first — tax reform, filling vacant state jobs, education, infrastructure, the welfare of children, protecting the environment — and make investments that will strengthen New Mexico.

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EIA: US crude, NGL production broke records in November

Oil & Gas Journal | Nick Snow | December 28, 2018

Reported total US crude production through Nov. 30 averaged more than 10.8 million b/d in 2018, 16.4% more than the monthly average of almost 9.3 million b/d for the comparable 2017 period, according to figures from EIA’s December 2018 Monthly Energy Review. Average monthly NGL production through November of more than 4.3 million b/d was almost 14.8% more than average monthly NGL production in 2017’s first 11 months, it said.

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6 Things Oil and Gas Did in 2018

NMOGA | December 31, 2018


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7 Ways Oil & Gas Power Your Christmas

NMOGA | December 11, 2018

Oil and gas is a driving force behind New Mexico's economy, provides vital funds for education and is making strides in helping to preserve the environment. Oil and gas also have a hand in making holidays like Thanksgiving and Independence Day special and, of course, Christmas! Here's how oil and gas helps power the most wonderful time of the year, it continues to do so.

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