New Mexico sees record-setting year in oil production

shutterstock_156828218.jpgRon Davis | Albuquerque Business First | March 13, 2018 

For the second consecutive year, New Mexico oil and gas has set a new record for oil production.

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New Mexico oil production gushes to all-time record

shutterstock_280133924.jpgKevin Robinson-Avila | Albuquerque Journal | March 12, 2018

New Mexico oil production is booming at levels never before seen in state history, pushing output last year to an all-time record of 171 million barrels, according to the latest statistics from the state Oil Conservation Division.

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Why US Oil Exports Are Booming and What It Means for Your Gas Prices

shutterstock_332932247.jpgCBN News | March 6, 2018 

The US will become the top oil producer in the world as soon as this year according to a prediction from the International Energy Agency.

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2017 A Record-Breaking Year For New Mexico Oil Production

2017 A Record-Breaking Year For New Mexico Oil ProductionInternational Agency Predicts Permian Oil Output to Double by 2023

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Quiz Time: How Well Do You Know This State's Oil & Gas Industry?

shutterstock_559271578.jpgT. Greg Merrion | Farmington Daily Times | February 25, 2018

1. The largest oil & gas operator in the San Juan Basin is…

a. ConocoPhillips

b. Dugan Production

c. Hilcorp

d. BP

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Analysis: U.S. Has Already Met 2025 GHG Reduction Target Thanks To Natural Gas

shutterstock_588140186.jpgSeth Whitehead | Energy in Depth | February 26, 2018

A new analysis by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) finds that the United States has already met the Clean Power Plan’s (CPP) 2025 carbon emission reduction targets “primarily due to natural gas prices and market forces,” according to co-author and CMU professor Paul Fischbeck.

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